Wednesday, February 28, 2018

02 February 2018

This week we had a primary activity at the branch on Saturday. The children played several different games i.e. sack race, musical chairs, pin the tail on the goat etc. I believe we can only do this once a year because of sanity reasons. However, the popcorn and FanMilk was well accepted.
Sister Russell has had the young women over for an activity and as they arrived we had a wonderful rain storm. Much needed rain fell heavily for 30 minutes. The young women then ate noodles and veggies and popcorn as well.

The Hills were with us as we traveled to the apartments in Ansufal, Swedru, Odoben, Brakwa and Asikuma.. an all day event of over 250K. They are having a hard time with the heat and require constant air conditioning in the car and in the house.

Today Bro. Hill and I delivered light bulbs and tire pump to the Kasoa elders. Our home had visitors for two days, the Hills and the Simpsons. However, the pull on the electricity from all the AC units and fans caused the fuse to fail. So we spent the night in a warm house.  Thank heavens, I got a comfortable sleep since we did not have the cold air blowing on us.

We have visited many of our missionary apartments with Bill and Binki. We made the rounds in the Kasoa Stake to Kasoa 4 in Millennium City to pick up bicycle then on to Ashtown for deliveries. We did a small amount of shopping at the Kasoa market but Binki was not feeling well.
Saturday was the funeral for Constance. We all attended a very lovely eulogy by members of the family and message from our stake president, Pres. Simons. Finally we went to the grave site near Bonotrase.

The week of February 14 was our trip to Mole National Park. After staying with the Simpsons we left early in the morning from Accra to Tamale, then a long Land Rover ride to Mole. The scenery was different, very clean and very dry.

Our stay at Ziana Lodge was outstanding. It was first class with comfortable tent cabins of the highest quality. Each day was filled with safari style travel to see all the animals i.e. elephants, antelope, birds, crocks and a variety of monkeys. The food was exceptional and the accommodations were great. The swimming pool was beautiful above the look out area beneath a watering hole. Each day was special and our visit with 4 other couples from the Area Office was enjoyable.
Once we were back in Accra we stayed with the Simpsons and attended the Moodabi ward before traveling home. The Hills greeted us with dinner prepared. How wonderful.

The next day on Tuesday we traveled to Accra to begin the couples conference for three days. Much was given in the way of instruction and review of mission statements from the Area Office and our mission president. As always the food was plentiful and delicious. I did manage to sneak away and swim in the complex swimming pool at night. Then on Wednesday we traveled home with Bill and Binki driving as our truck was filled with bicycles and supplies.
This week Dawn and I visited for the last time the Winneba stake apartments. They will be given over to the Hills once they leave for Oda.

This week was the last week with Bill and Binki Hill. Yesterday we went to the beach near The West Hills Mall. Abraham, a young man at the beach, helped us park and then started a meal of lobster cooked over a small fire and boiling pot. Then I helped fishermen dry dock their boats. They had fish and I bought one for $20 cedi. Abraham grilled it up. We ate with our hands at a small handmade table.

This week we also traveled to Accra to visit with Martha. We had with us Solomon, a social worker from GMAD. We are making plans to take her back to her residence.

Baptism at Awutu Breku

Tin foil dinner at Russells

Binki Hill and Dawn with baby goats

Zaina Lodge safari

Swimming pool at Zaina Lodge

Elephant at Mole Park

Day at the Mole Park Animal reserve

Boat trip with the group from Accra

Inside the lodge

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