Sunday, March 8, 2015

02 February 2015
This month has been a mixture of warm and cold weather. We have had rain, hail and high wind and also beautiful afternoons on the golf course.

Dawn, Julia, Woody and I are making the best of it. Val is still in Georgia with the Nash family. We expect her home next month before we leave.

We did an adventure early in the month by going to Peach Springs, AZ to the Grand Canyon Caverns. This cavern is the largest dry cavern in the United States. After descending 21 stories down into the earth we were given a tour of the caverns. The most unusual attraction was a cave bear caught underground for 10,000 years. It was a nice outing for our family.

We had a wonderful picnic along the Colorado River one Sunday afternoon. Also, Woody , Julia and I once again went to the firing range at the Tri State Gun range. It is a beautiful facility for shooting.
Each day Dawn and I try to exercise by going to the Mad Dog Gym. I want my body back and trying hard to get muscle back on to this old frame of mine. Dawn is an avid exerciser also. She and I do spinning and elliptical workouts regularly.  

The highlight of this month was the visit from the Crofts from Idaho Falls, ID. Dorothy and Dennis Croft were here in their RV for a couple of days. We had a delightful time by walking to Davis dam one morning. That afternoon we traveled to Oatman, a small mining town near here. The donkeys roam the streets bidding for food. That evening we boarded the Celebration river boat for dinner and cruise down the Colorado River. We were so glad to see these fine folks.

While we were here this month my cousin and his wife also visited us. Craig and Deloris Trull were here for a few days. Woody, Craig and I played golf at Chaparral Golf Course. We generally golf 4 or 5 times each week.

In just a few weeks we will be going to Imperial Beach, CA before going home to Idaho.

Dawn is sewing a quilt for Monica

Picnic on the Colorado River

River Boat on the Colorado

Tri State Gun Range

Grand Canyon Caverns 
Cave Bear
Walking through the cave

Reptile outside the caverns

Julia and Dawn making Valentine Cookies

The quilt is coming together
This is where we spend most of our time

My desire is to look like Mad Dog

Craig and Deloris Trull

Dorothy Croft at Oatman, AZ

Hiking to the petroglyphs
Crofts at Spirit Mountain 
Ancient petorglyphs

Celebration River Boat

Dinner aboard the Celebration

Casino at Laughlin, NV

Quilt making in Bullhead City, AZ