Friday, September 26, 2014

09 September 2014

The beautiful month of September was a pleasant time spent out of doors under warm skies and much dryer than August.

Now that the grand kids are back home with their parents, Dawn and I have time to do a few things on our own. She is still very busy with the Relief Society. Never a slack time! We do manage to push in a few activities, i.e road trip to Salmon area.

Our neighbor, Pauline Mickelson,  is moving this month and Dawn has helped her ready for the move. Dawn will have a reception on Saturday 27 September, 2014. She is in her 90s and Dawn has cared for her quite often. We attended the Methodist church services where Pauline played the piano for the last time after over 50 years of service.

Josh and his family visited us and stayed at granny Julia’s house early on this month. We always enjoy their company.

Saturday we returned from a short road trip to the Salmon River area. Julia, Dawn, Christine (Dawn’s sister) and I drove from Idaho Falls, up highway 28 through Leadore, Idaho (site of the Purcell ranch) all the way to Salmon along the Lemhi River. At Tendoy we took a side trip to the continental divide to visit the site where Lewis and Clark camped looking for a crossing to the Columbia River.

Dawn and I have been reading the book “Undaunted Courage” by Steven Ambrose. As a result we wanted to visit some of the areas they traveled. We stopped at the Sacajawea Center in Salmon, Idaho. The center has done a wonderful job in preserving the history of the Core of Discovery expedition. (Just a note; as a result of reading of the adventures of Lewis and Clark, I have purchased a muzzle loading rifle and am excited to hunt grizzlies!!) 

From there we drove up the Salmon River towards Challis and stayed at the Grey House B&B along the river. This was a beautiful area and as we coursed down 93 toward Challis we stopped to fish the river. Once in Challis, ID we stopped at the Hot Springs campground to visit with Lorna Hammond (my Swedish relative). She had retired and moved to Idaho Falls.

Lastly, before coming home we drove to the Craters of the Moon national monument. It was very interesting seeing such a variety of lava formations as early as 2000 years ago.

Now that we are home we have to attend to the task of moving once again. We have asked the Randals (Orrey and Danielle) to move into our home for the time we are in Arizona. We hope they will stay longer since we are putting in for another mission beginning in April of 2015. This mission will be for one year only.

As of the 29th of September we will be moved and living with my mother until we leave for Arizona the first of November. 

All of this in one month, yet it seems we are constantly headed for another adventure each month. There is so much to do in getting ready for someone to live in your home. We are looking forward to making the transition. Also, we are looking forward to a release from our callings in the church so we can plan our mission. Good-by to the Relief Society president and High Priests group leader in the 3rd Ward of the Central Stake of Idaho Falls. 

Garden Squash 2014
Took out the plants for ease of management. 

Grass in place of bushes.

The front flowers are gone!

Christine has a new grand baby!

Summer time at the ball park!

Josh and family up for a visit

Good by to our friends the Crofts

Road trip to Salmon...Dawn at the kilns

Lemhi range in the background

Shoshone village at Sacajewea Center

Greyhouse Bed and Breakfast on the Salmon River

Fishing the Salmon

Good bye Pauline

Hello Randals

Woody and the grandsons (Izy and Carter)

Julia at Lone Pine restaurant

First Campsite in Idaho

Continental Divide (Montana - Idaho) 

Lewis and Clark passed through here in 1805

Sacajewea and John Baptiste Charbanneau

Deer in the morning on the Salmon River

The Trapper's cabin at Greyhouse

Challis Hot Springs Resort

Craters of the Moon

National Monument near Arco

Bristle Cone Pine

The girls at Craters