Friday, October 24, 2014

10 October 2014

The fall of the year is here! How wonderful the month of October has been. We have enjoyed the beauties of the changing of the seasons. The air is cool but not cold. The nights are chilly but the days are warm. This is a month of transition.
To begin with, we no longer live in our home on 13th street. The Randalls live in our home, Orey and Danielle. We live with my mother on Melody St. across town on the west side. For one month we will be here until we move to Arizona at the end of the month.

Just before conference we picked up Marianna Augusto from Beira, Mozambique. She is the first female Mozambican to the US. We had a wonderful visit and I was able to refresh my Portuguese while visiting with her as we showed her around Temple Square before taking her to the MTC.

We were able to attend General Conference in SLC and our missionary reunion with those whom we served in Mozambique. It was delightful, both the conference and the reunion. We sat with Jeanie and Paul Ross at conference and had dinner with the Joan Hall, the Spendloves, the Banks, the Wollenziens, Paradises, the Coxes and the Davis. We also had a luncheon with the returned missionaries. Great times.

We stayed in the Holly and Jon home while in SLC. They were away to a wedding. While we were there we made plans for their wedding the end of the month.

For the most part our time here in Idaho Falls is spent and for the next year and six months we will be away from our ward and home. As a result of our intentions in serving another mission (our paperwork has been submitted) we were released from our callings in the ward. Dawn has served faithfully (beyond the call of duty) for nearly 2 ½ years.  As well I have served nearly 2 years as High Priest group leader.

Our plans are to continue to do family history and study Spanish while we are away in Arizona. So we are packing our belongings and plan to leave on Tuesday the 28th of October for the wedding in SLC and the 1st of November driving to Bullhead City, AZ.

General Conference October 2014
Marianna Augusto
Maddox Cafe Brigham City, Utah
The last of the Farmer's Market in October
3rd Ward Relief Society Presidency 2012-2014
My new muzzle loader CVA Bobcat 50 cal

Dawn in SLC (Wasach Mountains)

Fall on the South Fork of the Snake River

Dawn jogging the Green Belt in the fall.
Woody at the target range

Geese on the river
Walking the Green Belt in October