Monday, February 2, 2015

01 January 2015

This is the beginning of a new year for the Russells.  It will be a year of preparation for a full time mission for Dawn and I. It will be a year for visiting family members. It will be a year of change for living outside our home in Idaho Falls.

The month of January was still exciting for us. Dawn and I spent time together traveling to our favorite scuba diving sites. We took another cruise on Carnival to the Western Caribbean. The intent was to get back into the water one last time before our mission.

We went to four vacation spots including, Cozumel, Belize, Roatan and Grand Cayman. It was a good idea because we had the best diving we have experienced together so far. I have made four movie clips of the details of each visit. Belize was not a scuba adventure but rather a wonderful river tour on float tubes through an under-ground river.

When we got back the weather was terrible in Arizona. There was SNOW in Bullhead, AZ. So for the next two weeks we were home staying inside due to cold weather and windy weather.

However, we did plan one more excursion to visit Camp Verde, AZ as a possible place to stay in the winter once we return from our mission. Included in our visit to Camp Verde we did visit the Mariners. The time we spent with them was so fun to be with the little ones. We were able to get them a new bunk bed for Burton and Roxy. We also had a wonderful meal at our favorite sushi restaurant. It amazes me to see the kids down the sushi. They love it.

Once we got back from Glendale we continued to golf with Woody and Julia. Then we celebrated my mother’s 87th birthday by golfing at Chaparral, having dinner at the Avi and a movie. Julia is still able to walk the 9 hole course while golfing.

The month has ended and we are now enjoying the month of February in warmer weather. In February, we are planning to have the Croft family visit us. There will be more to report when they arrive. 

Cozumel San Francisco Wall Dive

Belize Cave Water Tour

Anthony Key Dive Boat in Roatan, Honduras

Grouper of Roatan

Dive instruction at Grand Cayman

Camp Verde, AZ

Burton at IKEA

Princess Roxy

Saguaro cactus

Joshua Trees of Arizona