Saturday, May 3, 2014

04 April 2014

April, what happened to April? Well, we did have two really nice days the entire month of April. Woody and I did get to golf one time just before it started to rain with heavy wind. Now for the other events of the month, I can recall there were times we enjoyed the many visits to the Apple Athletic Gym. As a matter of fact Dawn and I have worked over the exercise equipment regularly. We spin, we jog on the treadmill, we lift weights and the elliptical machine. Dawn has a bike ride in Utah the first week of May and we both are booked to run in the Wharf to Wharf in July.

We had an extensive road trip to visit family and friends. Dawn, Christine (her sister) and I took time off to travel to Oregon, Washington, California and then back home. We left on the 9th of April and spent the night in Baker City, Oregon. The next day we drove to Vancouver, WA. with a stop along the way at Multonah Falls Oregon.

Our visit with the Hodgsons was enjoyable. We were able to visit with Mike, Louise and the Sangali’s (Brian, Natalie, Brendon and Rydan. Mike was doing better and yet still weak and not able to do much. We also visited with Benny in Portland. He is living in an apartment furnished by the Veterans Administration after spending 5 years on the streets of Portland.

While we were in Washington, Brian and his three kids came down and stopped on their way to Medford. Orion, Mechala, and Elinore are delightful. We also teamed up with them in Ashland, Or for breakfast and met Brian’s half-sisters.

Our next stop was Cornish, CA where we dropped off Christine to visit with her in-laws, the Tows. Then Dawn and I spent three days with Connie and Harry Hunziker in Cottonwood, CA.

The Hunzikers are so delightful and their home has such a warm appeal. Connie has been busy with home improvements, i.e. all new windows, flower beds, new bedroom furnishings and of course new “chickens”, Ralphie being her favorite little Bantam rooster. While we were with the Hunzikers we did hiking at Whiskeytown Lake area and Anderson Park. We went to the movies and to dinner. We spent each night playing cards and getting caught up on all the event of almost three years of absence from one another. 

Unfortunately, Connie has had health issues. Just to mention a few problems such as: falls to break her wrist, carpal tunnel surgery, rotator cuff surgery, fractured tibia and a dog bite that took off a lot of skin from her calf area! Better luck this year.

On our way back home the tree of us stopped in Susanville, CA to visit Karen and Nancy (Dawn’s sister). We did get to talk to Karen and brought them dinner. Nancy still remains impossible to meet in person. They still live in the same trailer court with a collection of animals and memorabilia, but otherwise in good health and good spirits.

We stayed the night in Alturas, CA then drove a long, long way home to Idaho Falls through Burns, Oregon.

After we got home Dawn and I had three weeks of spending three days on temple duty to cover our substitutes and to substitute for others as well as two Saturdays on assignment. The shifts are for six hours each time so we spent the rest of April working at the temple. So what, the weather was awful and it is nice and warm inside the Idaho Falls temple.

April 30th was not nice! However, the first day of May was unusually nice…..there is hope!!! 

April in Idaho!

More snow!

Lets go down to Paradise City and get some frozen yogurt!
Dawn at Orange Leaf frozen yogurt!

Dawn on the way to Vancouver, Wa


Beautiful falls!

I just love visiting this place! Especially in my Naru suit!
 Dawn on the path to the falls.

Dawn at the falls

 It is spring in Vancouver, Wa
 All the flower are in bloom
 We are hiking in the rain (it is not snow!!)
 The trail along the Columbia river walking path next to ...
 Sacajawea statue.
 Machela and I at Benny's apartment
 Cornish, Ca and the temperature was 75 degrees!
 The David Tow's folks and family.
 Dawn laying in the California poppies on a warm spring day.
 Harry and Connie have chickens.
 The Kurowski's at the burger palace.
 Benny Crocker making cookies with Eleanor.
Chris and Dawn having Chinese in Susanville.

 The Sangali family
 Harry and Connie at Whiskey Town Lake trail
 Look how warm it is in California!

Karen and I at Susanville, CA

Roxy is getting older!

Robyn and Kesler at the last 1/2 marathon. Kesler won the race in his division.