Monday, February 1, 2016

01 January 2016

The first of the year 2016 was welcomed by warm and wonderful weather. We were able to golf the first week of January and be outside without much protection.

We did attend church on the first Sunday in McComb, Illinois with the Burns. We normally go to Galesburg but we wanted to visit Sister Dewey who was in the hospital following a hip surgery. We have been walking her dog, Princess, each day while she was away with the surgery. She is the secretary at the temple.

In addition, to temple duty, Dawn and I did go to the movie in Keokuk……”Star Wars”. I recall the first time I saw the beginning of this epic movie was in Pullman, Washington while I was in vet school. The feature began with word scroll introduction and this last feature was the same. So amazed with the first movie, it was so iconoclastic.

Now that the weather has turned to winter, we are spending more time inside because if you go outside for any length of time you will freeze to death! The temperature on the 10th of January was ZERO! We have had wind as well and I am very uncomfortable. All the little birds at the feeder are ravaging down the seeds and the squirrels are picking up the leftovers.

(Our next mission will be in AFRICA along the equator!!!)
Dawn and I travel to Galesburg, Illinois (80 miles one direction) to attend church. We have been active in the ward by teaching lessons in priesthood and primary. I was asked to speak in the ward on Sunday. The trip home is doable if there is no ice on the road. However, the wind blows very hard and it is difficult to drive. We saw a large deer dead along the side of the road hit by car.

We have had three double shifts this last week training three new individuals at the temple. Those are long 16 hour days. Dawn had a bumper week at the baptistery doing 150 names for a patron. Our baptisms are sent out to our grandchildren (Tate, Baya, Kesler and Tanis) to do at their local temples. Family members who have passed on are receiving the ordinances. So far Dawn has completed all ordinances for over 100 of them. I am approaching 50. We spend three to four days a week at the Family Search Center behind the temple searching names. We also take classes from Suzie Swing each Monday morning in Family Search before we go to the gym. Monday is our day off.

This month is quickly coming to an end. I spoke in the Galesburg ward sacrament meeting last week on How to Live in Today’s World. I told about making the right choices….and sometimes you just have to say NO….then mentioned Dawn’s brother Brian when he remarked “You just have to pick your “Nos” carefully!
I made a video presentation entitled “Winter Birds of Nauvoo” with sound and photos I have taken with my new camera. I will give the presentation next month at the combined Family Home Evening event.

We have hope for warmer weather to close out the month.

Cardinal at the feeder

Red Breasted Woodpecker at the suet block

Winter in Nauvoo

Bald Eagles on the Mississippi
Got a new pair of Rockports

Winter golfing in Hamilton

Talk to the grand kids on Facetime

Family File Cards

Tufted Titmouse