Sunday, August 30, 2015

08 August 2015

The stay home month with preparation for our mission in September, although there were several important events occurring.  To begin with, Dawn had surgery on her eyes to assist in better vision and cosmetic improvement. Her surgeon, Dr. Durbough, said she was a model patient and she has healed well.

We did take Julia to Cedar Park for golfing once this month. Julia has been very ill and unable to walk the river and take care of things around the house. We were very concerned seeing her failing and not her usual self.

In the midst of healing from eye surgery Dawn joined with her cousin Angie Bytheway to ride in the Wild Flower Pedal Festival in Morgan, Utah east of Ogden. We stayed with the Munsee family who lived across the street from the start of the ride. Elder Munsee was with us in Africa. They were very gracious in letting us stay with them. Dawn rode 62 miles that on the 15th of August, hoping to do 85 miles but the weather was so hot she cut it short. Angie did 35 miles in the heat
The rest of August has been spent going through our belongings and storing our extras in the basement of our home on 13th street. We want to be prepared for our return so we have made extra effort in updating our food storage and other essentials.

Josh and his family came up for a visit during the Idaho Falls Duck Days celebration, boat races and car show. Great to have them here.

Woody, Benton and I compete in an SIPES (Southeastern Idaho Pistol Practical Shooters, Inc.) shooting competition at the new Guns and Gear range in Idaho Falls.  To tell the truth, I was reluctant to compete knowing it was my first time and there were 14 other advanced shooters besides Benton and I. However, I did learn many things in gun safety and handling, not to mention I was rated on one event just above last place!

The end of August marks the wedding date of Chad and Christy. Yesterday the Russell family including, Josh and Danielle, along with Woody’s family, Julia and Dawn and I attended the wedding at the Cedar Park Chapel near Ririe. Benton performed the ceremony and did so well. The cake was cut by a Templar sword brought up from Utah by my son, Josh made by Woody years pervious. A good time was had by all.

Well, August is now in the history books as a warm and wonderful month, but filled with smoke from the huge number of wildfires in California, Oregon, Washington and Idaho. Jon Slator has been away from his family and home for months as a fire fighter. The fires are the biggest in history in the west.

Lastly, I must mention Julia. She was near death the first of the month then one day late in August she gained her strength back overnight. It was unreal how well she recovered from a near death situation. We can leave for Illinois confident she is in better health.

Recovery from eye surgery

Golf at Cedar Park

Josh and family

Car show with Baya and Tate

Dawn and Angie Wild Flower Pedal Festival

This is what you look like after 60 miles of biking in the heat!

Selecting dry goods for food storage

Giant garden squash

Mr. and Mrs. Chad Russell

Templar sword cutting the cake

Thursday, August 13, 2015

July 2015
The heart of the summer is the month of July, as the saying goes:” Make hay while the sun still shines”.

We went to Seattle (Kirkland), Washington to visit the Kurowskis.  Dawn and I flew into SEATAC airport and rented a car then drove to Brian’s house. We wanted to take the Kurowski kids to San Juan Island on a ferry. Well, we got there and the hydrocraft sucked up a log and was not functioning.

So we did lots of sight-seeing and wonderful meals. A few highlights while visiting them was our hike to Rattlesnake Peak, our Duck Boat tour and float on Union Lake, Space Needle and of course being with Orion, Machaela and my favorite girl Eleanor.
Once back with the family in Idaho Falls we found Julia not feeling up to par. She is having trouble with her heart and medication. It is not like her slow down but she has lost steam. We did have a great outing when we picked goose berries for jam along the south fork of the Snake River.

We caught our breath and discovered it was time we packed our bags for Santa Cruz and ready ourselves for the “Wharf to Wharf” run with family members.

This mini reunion will include Adam and Monica Mariner with their two kids, Ben and Sage, Robyn and her family along with Kesler and his friend Logan. We were to last folks of the clan.
We traveled by auto to SLC rail station and parked our car and boarded AMTRAK at 1:30 AM headed for Colfax, CA. By the next morning we were in California and arrived at Colfax 12:30 PM> right on time!!

Kesler picked us up at the train station. We had the exciting time of riding in his 4x4 Jeep back to Grass Valley. He is a good driver and demonstrates caution.

That afternoon we drove to Santa Cruz. I rode with Wayne and the boys. Robyn and Dawn drove separately in her new Lexus SUV. When we arrived Ben, Sage, Adam and Monica were already there. The next day we went to beach with the kids at the Monarch butterfly park.  Then on Saturday we went to the pump track so the kids could ride their bikes. Young Burton was the star. He and Sage both rode clear through the obstacles and returned. Indy is an advanced rider and needs no encouragement. While at the beach the kids explored and played in the surf. Kesler, Adam and Wayne surfed while we relaxed.  In the evening we took the kids to the Boardwalk.

That evening we had pasta in preparation for the 10K the next day.
We were up early and ready for the fun run. Adam dropped us off at the start and Ben stayed home with the little kids. Once on the Boardwalk starting platform we waited for the race to start. We were in the 3rd corral (Green) with Robyn and Wayne. Kesler was in the 1st corral (Yellow). Monica was in the 2nd group (Blue). Things happen on time the crowd of 16,000 runners started down the road. We separated early and our times were all recorded at the finish. I really enjoyed the run this year. I listened to the music groups along the way, watched the crowd and runner ahead of me. I ran better than I did last year finishing 114/620 in my age group at a time of 1 hour 3 minutes for 6 miles. Monica ran ahead of me and finished in less than one hour!

That was it! The month of July is over. Dawn and I rode back on Amtrak to SLC and arrived at 3:00am. We drove home and rested up from a great trip.

Cleaning Goose Berries

Kurowski kids at FROYO!

Picknic with the Kuorwskis

Seattle at Space Needle Polish Festival 

Ready for a DUCK boat ride

In Lake Union

From the top of the Space Needle over Seattle

Pump track in Santa Cruz

Monica and Roxy at Pump track

Sage in the action at Pump track

Burton at Pump tack

Tide pool at beach in Santa Cruz

Boardwalk train

Family at Boardwalk in Santa Cruz

Darling Roxy

Kids at 4 mile beach in Santa Cruz

Wayne and Kes at 4 mile beach

Robyn and Indy at 4 mile beach

Wharf to Wharf at Santa Cruz

Let the race begin!

Dawn and Blaine happy happy!

Grandpa and Burton at Pacifica beach

The family at Pacifica

Mom and Indy

Going home on Amtrak