Thursday, December 4, 2014

11 November 2014

Finally we are in an area with warm weather. We now live in Bullhead City, AZ. Following Holly and Jon’s wedding we drove to Bullhead City, AZ in a major snow storm all the way from south Provo to Mesquite, NV. Now that we are settled we have had a wonderful time in a relaxed environment taking advantage of being out of doors.

The weather in Idaho and all of northern US has gone “South”.  Arctic air and heavy snow filled the states all across the US and even down into the south. Idaho had snow and record low temperatures. We struggled with temperatures in the mid 60s.

Dawn and I visited the Mariners only a few days after arriving in Arizona. It was so nice to be with the little ones again (Burton and Roxy). Roxy is going to be a movie star, she reminds me of Natalie Wood. Adam and I were able to take time to go shooting with his friends. We also visited Monica at ASU and were introduced to her team members in the chemistry and biology department. The west campus is modern and convenient for Monica to work out before class. She also rides her bike to work each day.

Each day we walk the neighborhood and go to the Mad Dog gym for exercise. Woody, Julia, Dawn and I golf frequently at Chaparral and River View golf course. We have joined the Tri State gun club and have access to the range south of Bullhead City.  We have our mountain bikes here and rode to Davis dam. Not without troubles, since we ran over the weeds along the side of the road and filled our tires with “goat head” stickers and have had to patch all our tires.

The climax of this month was the Carnival Victory cruise with family members. I have planned for over a year to take our kids and grandkids on a cruise to the Bahamas. They came…the Russells and the Kurowskis….. Julia, Val, Dawn, Ben, Sage, Holly, Jon, Brock, Ella, Robyn, Wayne, Kesler, Indy, Adam, Monica, Brian, Makayla, Orion, Elinore, Aubrey, Steph, Jared and finally Tanis.
We flew to Miami and rented a car and drove to Key Largo hoping to scuba Pennekamp reserve. However, the weather was bad so we stayed in at the Ocean Point Suites with the Russell family and spent time together. We visited Isla Morada Sea Base Boy Scout Camp. Ben and I had been there 25 years ago with our scout troop. We also fed the Tarpons at Robbies resort . Then on our way to the Everglades we stopped at Safari Edventure and the little kids loved the animals.
The trip to the everglades was great. We boarded an air boat and toured the water grass of the everglades. We saw birds, alligators and turtles. Lunch at Everglades Safari was filled with excitement at we all tried the alligator bits.

Then on Monday the 24th we boarded the Victory. All showed up and got on board uneventfully. Once underway I  had fun sliding down the open water slide with Ella, Sage and Indy. The cruise was a new experience for most of our family. Each night we got together for dinner at the Atlantic dining room. The stops at Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay and Nassau were such fun. Dawn and I had 4 scuba dives (2 at Grand Turk and 2 at Nassau). I am of the opinion all had a great time. It is so wonderful to be with family members and especially the grand


Right now we are experiencing cloudy rainy weather in Arizona due to the major storm which have come across California. There was much needed rain in the west. 

 Holly and Jon's wedding

Monica's work at ASU

Lake Havasue
London Bride in Lake Havasue

Gnarly Marley's Key Largo

Robbies Resort Ben and Sage

Feeding the Tarpons 

Key Largo with the Laus

Boy Scout Sea Base Camp

Safari Edventure 

Indy and Sage with the kangaroo

The wolf pack

Sage likes the wolves

Air boat ride in the Everglades

Sage has new pet

Too Much Fun on the water slide

Tender to Half Moon Cay w Steph

Too Much Fun!

Nassau adventure

Shooting with Adam in Glendale

Shooting with Woody at Tri State