Saturday, July 4, 2015

06 June 2015
June has been the month of FUN! I told Dawn before we go on our mission to Nauvoo Temple in September, we need to visit our family and to have fun with them.  So far we have had fun with them and are continuing as the summer unfolds.

Summer is here. We have finally had warm days and cool nights. The month of June has been filled with excitement for Dawn and I and family members.

The month started out with visitors from Utah.  Jon, Holly, Ella and Brock came up to stay with us at Julia’s house. While Jon and Holly went to the beer festival,  we took the kids. We went to the movies, had frozen yogurt, went shopping at Ross, Dawn and Ella had their nails painted while Brock and I shopped at the new Cabellas store.

The next day we ran with the kids in the Color Vibe  fun run. Dawn fell, however, and sprained her ankle, broke her watch and glasses, head, elbow and skinned her knee, but finished the race. Ella was covered with color after getting caught up in the mosh pit. We had a great time.

The next week Dawn and I flew to Miami to meet up with Christine and Aubrey to attend her graduation from med residency. Before the graduation we went to Key Largo in hopes of diving Pennekamp Park. Not so, the weather was not cooperative and the seven foot waves kept us out of the water. We did visit the Marathon aquarium and had wonderful meals.

On Sunday we were invited to the graduation ceremony at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Miami. Very impressive! Aubrey was one of eight finishing her residency in osteopathy. The meal was superb and the  desserts beyond compare. After the graduation Aubrey took us to South Beach in Miami where we relaxed by walking along the boardwalk.

Back to Ft. Lauderdale to catch a transit to the Carnival Ecstasy and meet up with Christine for a cruise to Key West and on to Cozumel,  Mexico.

Our visit to Key West was lovely. The weather was perfect and the tour enlightening as we passed through the town seeing the sites along the way. Hemmingway House, Jimmy Buffet’s bar, the southern most point in the US were all visited. At one point, we were closer to Cuba than to a Walmart store.  We spent much time at the Mel Fisher exhibit displaying the discovery of the Atochia laden with treasure.

A day at sea was spent in the sun and sliding down the Twister water slide on the Ecstasy. The entertainment on board was marvelous and so were the meals. We had a wonderful time with Christine.

When we reached Cozumel,  Dawn and I chose to scuba dive with Sand Dollar dive operation. Christine had scheduled a photo instruction with a lady from Germany.

San Francisco reef was our dive destination. Antonio was our dive master and Joey filmed the dive. It was spectacular and so easy in and out with the help of our dive master. We saw an endless array of fish and invertebrates.  Dawn was at her best and is mastering the skill of scuba diving. One of the best dives I have ever had.
On our way home we spent two days in Las Vegas at the Harrahs. The town was filled with youth attending the Electric Dixie Carnival. Much like the Woodstock of modern times, there were 500,000 youth at the cost of $350 each spending sundown to sun up for three days at the Nascar speedway listening to music and possibly having mind altering experiences.

Once home we had a few days to relax.  My mother, Julia has had a turn for the worse. She had severe back pain and weakness. She is on a heart monitor and has to be very careful not to over exert herself. Her health has changed drastically. We keep a close watch on her at home.

Lastly, Dawn and I did manage to go to the temple several times this month. We have to travel to Rexburg, ID since the Idaho Falls temple is closed for 1 ½ years for remodeling.

The last two days of the month were spent camping at Kelly Island camp ground near Heise. Once we got our tent secured we went back to the hot springs and swimming pool at Heise. After  going down several times through the water slide we were ready for diner. We ate at the golf course restaurant . Then we played 9 holes of golf. The wind came up and we had to go back to the tent. Once situated in the tent the weather got bad. The wind was terrific and the rain intense but we were secure in our little tent. The next morning I fished the Snake River but with only bites from the swarm of mosquitoes.

After we broke camp we rode our bikes from Heise to Kelly’s Canyon ski resort, some 3 ½ miles up steep hill and back down at break neck speed.

We could not pass up a chance to slide down the tube again before coming home.

Looking forward to July for more fun and to be with more grand kids..

The day of the Color Vib

Brock and Ella

Dawn after crash

Picnic with family

Pool at the Aquarium

Marthon Keys Aquarium

Waiting at the Ritz Carlton

Dr. Aubrey Taow

Relaxing on the Ecstacy
The Twister

Ship at Key West

Ben Walters finishing a 40 mile Bone and Back

Fishing the South Fork of the Snake

Ready to ride to Kelly's Canyon

Steep climb