Thursday, May 26, 2016

05 May 2016
The beginning of this month marks the beginning of our summer temple missionaries arrival. We hosted the Cluffs and the Streulings. We had dinner with them the first Sunday and assisted with their luncheons for the first week they were here during training meetings.

We were able to meet in the assembly room at the temple for training of the new missionaries. Much of the training included the events of the dedication of the Nauvoo temple.

Also, this month Dawn and I traveled to Pella after our Sunday visit to Galesburg. It was fascinating seeing the Dutch houses and businesses throughout the town. They arrived there in 1847 from the Netherlands to avoid the religious persecution and economical down swing in their country. The highlight was the Vermeer Windmill. Unfortunately, we say a deer slam into a car right in front of us traveling at high speed. It scrambled around before getting to its feet and ran off. There was major damage to the vehicle but no one was hurt. This is a very frequent event in this area.

The Thompsons are traveling with us to Galesburg each Sunday. We trade off driving. They are delightful. On our first visit to the ward we were all invited to the Dobsons for dinner after church. It was a very nice welcome for the Thompsons.

Recently, we have made new friends with the Kessengers from California and the Gentrys from Utah. They both play Pickelball. Dawn and I team up at the Motley Gym each week to play. We both have new paddles and are improving.

Sister Russell and Sister Fellows organized a group activity for the entire Temple Missionary group. We scheduled our group to meet at the outdoor theater here in Nauvoo to sit in on a rehersal of the Young Performing Missionaries who have just arrived for the summer performances. It was a great hit. At one point several were dancing on stage with the performers.

Another activity we arranged with the Moons was an excursion to several of the camp sites of the pioneers going west ( Bonaporte, Bentonsport, Richardson’s point and Cantril). We visited the arrowhead museum in Bentonsport. It was outstanding with thousands of artifacts collected by a local gentleman 74 years old.
Shopping at the Dutchman is always enjoyable and visiting with the Holmes on our way back to Nauvoo was pleasant.
Lastly, we are participating in a 5K fun run “Wonder Warrriors” sponsored by Motley Gym on Memorial Day.

With all that in mind we are geared up for the Aylworth’s visit the 2nd-4th of June. Tanis will be here to receive his endowments at the Nauvoo Temple before going on his mission. We are excited.

Sister Dobson and Dawn

Wave petunias at our apartment


Growing fast!

Turtles on the Mississippi

Blue Winged Teal at the Deer Run Golf Course

Pella, Iowa

Dutch Bakery

Dutch culture

Right out of Amsterdam

Vermeer Windmill


Wooden Shoe Maker

Corn is starting to grow!!

Sarah Grander home

Peonies at the SG home

They smell so sweet

The best ever flowers

Indian museum at Bentonsporte

Arrowhead museum (fantastic)

Richardson's Point

Amish barn art

Motley Gym Wounded Warrior 5K