Monday, April 3, 2017

January – 2017

        Our New Year’s was actually celebrated two days early by having a crab feed at Julia’s with Holly, Brock and Ella.  We went cross-country skiing that morning at Kelly’s Canyon where Brock took his first snowboard lesson, performing well.
        The buzz words for the month were COLD, SNOW, and ICE!!!
January was both a “Get Caught Up” month as well as a “Return to Routines” month.
By “Get Caught Up”, I mean going to both the dentist and the doctor, keeping hair appointments and just general maintenance.  Also in this category included giving talks at church, and working on unpacking boxes in the “spare bedroom.”  Our talk assignment was basically on generating worthy goals and the talks gave us an opportunity to be introduced to our new ward.  The members were very receptive and kind.  Boxes were stored in the potential spare bedroom and because Rob Lewis was coming out on January 14th to measure and assess the room, I had to have the boxes – mostly my stuff - emptied and put away.  I worked steadily on the project, completing on schedule.
The “Return to Routines” showed us getting back into exercise, church callings, temple attendance and family history.  The exercise routine was intense since we returned to the YMCA – delighted to see the Crofts there! - as well as walk the Greenbelt. Sometimes we would mix things up at bit by cross-country skiing at Tauphaus Park and a few times we did all three.  My fit-bit has kept me very motivated to get at least 10,000 daily steps.  It’s been fun to report to our son-in-law, Adam Mariner, when over 18,000 have been reached. Sometimes I worry that this is such a big emphasis in our lives, but when I realize that our health reflects what we can do in life, I feel justified.
Jim and Arlene Seger along with their son Kevin stayed with us for a few days, assisting Kevin in setting up his BYU-I apartment and attending the orientation meeting with Kevin.  We were glad for their visit and continued the Skip-Bo tradition!
Other routines include completing our Home Teaching and Visiting Teaching, an activity that provides structure and is dear to us. While Blaine is the 4th Sunday High Priest teacher, I hope to receive a calling soon.  We also attend the temple weekly, and one week took Sister Delma Bolkcom with us.  Family History is picking up again by our attending both Brother Dodds course as well as Dorothy’s course and doing the associated homework. We had the opportunity to prepare food for a couple of families, clean our building and work in the soup kitchen, activities we enjoy.  We also attended a ward dinner and a R.S. activity.
January 20th was the inauguration of our 45th president, Donald John Trump.  Many of us look forward to how he will manage his campaign promises with hopefulness.  Blaine and I love his different approach to politics and genuinely hope for his success.  His inauguration wasn’t a traditional one, but he basically challenged the outgoing president with the main concept that his leadership is all about the people and doing what the people would like him to do. 

We’ve appreciated being back home for a short while but will leave again in February.  

Roxy Christmas Morning

Burton in his Ninja Turtle costume 

Walking the Green (White) Belt

New Year's Feast

Holly and family visiting for New Years

Down stairs making changes in the condo.

Front of the condo

Looking forward to warmer days (-15 F)

Snake River froze over

Deep snow !

Giant ice sickles

Mariners in Idaho

California Dungenous Crab for dinner

Cross country skiing at night in the park

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